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Design Team

Headshot of interior designer Adam Tihany of Tihany Design

Adam Tihany

Interior Design

“With Victoria Place, we have captured a bespoke, artfully curated environment that features enticing natural materials and authentic Hawaiian design inspiration, from the elegant, airy lobby to the uniquely intuitive public spaces and contemporary residences.”

Principal, Tihany Design
Headshot of interior designer Alessia Genova of Tihany Design

Alessia Genova

Interior Design

“The homes at Victoria Place strike an intimate balance between luxurious comfort and natural elegance. Across every detail, from the kitchen’s sculptured central island, to artisan-inspired bathroom vanities, we’ve applied a hand-crafted approach to match one of the world’s most beautiful places.”

Senior Designer and Studio Director, Tihany Design
Headshot of architect Ben Wrigley of SCB

Ben Wrigley

Tower Design

“The design of Victoria Place is influenced by the classic, mid-century architecture of Honolulu’s prestigious clubs and estate homes. We were especially drawn to fine metal and woodwork details, as well as forms and shapes that filter light across the façade.”

Principal, SCB
Headshot of landscape architect Don Vita of VITA Planning & Landscape Architecture Inc.

Don Vita

Landscape Design

“Stepping through the wood entrance gate you feel as if you are entering a secret garden in one of old-Honolulu’s finest estates. Dappled light from the large shade tree, the cooling sound of water, and everywhere the scent of tropical flowers floating on the warm Hawaiian breeze.”

Principal, Vita Planning & Landscape Architecture, Inc.